Fresh thinking

  • Monteverdi L'Orfeo with Silent Opera

    Winter 2012/13

    Monteverdi L'Ofeo with Silent OperaSupported by SkyArts and Arts Council England, I spent autumn and winter 2012/13 working on an extraordinary sight-specific production of Monteverdi, L'Orfeo. Working alongside director Daisy Evans, we devised a production geared towards engaging a new generation of opera-lovers. Daisy's concept was to transport the audience completely into Orfeo's world, by immersing them in the theatre but by also putting them into a sound world heard through wireless earphones.

    The challenges of reconciling this technology...

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  • Finding the 'Rare' in the Theatrical music of Matthew Locke

    Autumn 2010

    Finding the 'Rare' in the Theatrical music of Matthew LockeThe composer Matthew Locke (1621-1677) made much of his living composing incidental theatre music for the plays of Restoration London. This music, composed in short movements, embodies the vitality and contrasts of Restoration theatre - bawdy, tragic, comic, seductive. This music survives in a volume of over a hundred pieces named The Rare Theatrical - the music severed from its original dramatic context.

    Having always been fascinated by this volume and intrigued by the hidden possibilities...

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